Market Making Services

Providing liquidities in order books

Providing high-standard spreads for bids and offers in order book.

Arbitraging across all relevant exchanges.

Low latency connectivity to centralized exchanges.

Providing price supports and buy signals.

Running 24/7 Algorithms with safety measures and risk management.

Crypto Projects keep their market making accounts at their own rights at all time

Execute trades through API connections, with no access to withdrawals of all relevant accounts across exchanges

How we work

In-depth analysis of the entire crypto markets movement, as well as branch industries, Defi, NFT, etc. on a daily basis.

Stable and safe API connections and co-location cloud services to ensure that have best speed to corresponding exchanges

24/7 monitoring the markets by live traders, and report on a daily basis.

24/7 direct communications through Telegram and other messenger, etc

Conference call with clients in a weekly basis to update market strategies and discuss clients' requirements, adjust accordingly.